Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

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The format of play:

On the First End the LEAD bowler deliveries two (2) of their four (4) bowls.

This is then followed by the SKIP bowling all four (4) of their bowls.

Finally the LEAD then bowls their remaining Two (2) Bowls completing the “end.”

On the Second End the order of play is reversed.

The SKIP now plays the Lead position and bowls two (2) of their four (4) Bowls.

The LEAD player has now moved to being the Skip and bowls their four (4) Bowls.

Finally the SKIP, who is still playing as the lead on this end, bowls their remaining two (2) bowls.

The format of reversing the playing positions is then continued throughout the game.

Sound complicated? It really is quite simple once you get the hang of it. The beauty of this format is that it does give both players the opportunity to lead and skip in the same game.

When tossing up at the beginning of the game, it is worth noting which of your opponents chooses to lead in the first end. You might want to think about which of your two players you want to play against them.