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Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Inaugural Meeting 12 May 2021

(Held On-line @ 7:00pm)

The meeting followed on directly from the AGM of the BSMBA at which the decision of the EGM to wind up the "old" association was upheld unanimously. The same attendees stayed on-line for this inaugural meeting which followed the previously distributed Agenda and associated documents.

1. Introduction - past chairman

Malcolm Richards briefly described the purpose of the transition from the "old" BSMBA to the "new" association. The main difference is that the BSMBA will no longer register players with the ESMBA and although this will prevent participation in events organised by the ESMBA, it will remove the restriction that currently prevents registered players in Bucks from competing against unregistered players. It is hoped that the BSMBA will be able to encourage participation from a wider pool of players in the area.

2. Constitution of the "new" BSMBA

Malcolm Richards referred to the previously circulated Draft constitution and the amendments formally proposed and included with the Agenda for this meeting.

The additions to the Objectives (b),(c),(e),(h) were by submitted by Clive Cook (Hawkslade) who introduced them. He said that in seeking external funding/support it was valuable if the organising body for a club had these "key" phrases in their constitution.

The addition (g) - submitted by Terry Wagstaff (Hardwick) and Bob Hine (Chinnor) was intended to make the Association as inclusive as possible for groups of friends who play without having a formal club organisation. Terry pointed out at the meeting that there was no geographical definition in the draft but it was argued this was not needed at the moment.

The meeting unanimously approved the additions.

Malcolm Richards (Bellingdon/Beacon proposed to replace “up to five” with “up to ten” in the Committee. Peter Barksfield thought is would create a group too large for efficiency but this was countered by the argument that wider involvement was needed from players.

The meeting unanimously approved the replacement.

Under the heading Auditor, Laurie Johnson (Widmer End), Chris Russell (Amersham) proposed to change “Auditor” to “Independent Examiner”, “audit” to “examine” since this was more appropriate for an association with a small budget.

The meeting unanimously approved the replacement.

Malcolm Richards Bellingdon/Beacon editorial deletion “OF THE ASSOCIATION” from the heading Extraordinary General Meeting of the Association was not debated.

Terry Wagstaff (Hardwick) proposed to delete “(d) Each officer present has a single vote per person not per office” Meaning only clubs can vote, one vote per club. It was clarified that those voting should seek their club's views before the vote and multiple attendees from one club should agree who was actually casting the vote.

The meeting unanimously approved the deletion.

A New Clause 22. Dissolution was proposed by Laurie Johnson (Widmer End) and Terry Wagstaff (Hardwick) Malcolm Richards (Beacon/Bellingdon).

After discussion he meeting unanimously approved the addition with the proviso that it be clarified that the decision was by two thirds of clubs present, not members.

Acceptance of the revised Constitution was Proposed by Peter Coker, Seconded Ian McMillan and unanimously approved.

ACTION - Secretary to circulate Approved Constitution to representatives of all existing BSMBA clubs with the minutes of this meeting.

3. Election of Officers and Committee members

There being no competing candidates for Officers and Committee Member positions, the list attached to the Agenda was Proposed by Rosemary Followell, Seconded Chris Millard and was unanimously approved.

4. Officers statements

a. Chairman – Malcolm Richards

Malcolm Richards thanked everyone for their past efforts in the BSMBA, particularly during the recent COVID-affected seasons and enthusiasm for the new organisation and reiterated the purpose was to get more activities than roll-ups and the existing three leagues underway. He hoped there would be club buy-in as the removal of the need to register with the ESMBA opened up new possibilities. He hoped guidance would be in place to encourage players that playing competitively in the next winter season would be secure.

b. Secretary – Malcolm Warwick

The secretary said he was listed as "Chesham" but was actually currently a registered player at Bellingdon while being a member of both. He was looking forward to playing and hoped players would return to the sport over the next couple of months. In his role as Single Mat League fixtures secretary he would be canvassing clubs to find out which clubs would be entering teams for the 21/22 season.

c. Treasurer – Peter Coker

Peter Coker said he had nothing to add to the previous statement for the "old" BSMBA but wanted to make clear he was only willing to serve for one year to get the association started.

d Competition Secretary – Bob Hine

Bob Hine said the County team had performed very well in reaching the A Team final of the ICC competition in 2019 but the following season had been a disappointment for various reasons. He intends to organise a "Super League" to be played by 12 teams in two divisions. Each team would be self-selecting  independently of clubs to play a mix of disciplines once per month. The intended venue is Handy Cross although the opening date has not been confirmed nor the fees which are expected to be higher. These would be covered by an entry fee to the competitions.

Bob also intends to run ad hoc competitions as in the past. These have previously been self-funding but the BSMBA could underwrite them if necessary.

The current website will be phased out and a replacement phased in with new email addresses for the BSMBA. It is important that the website is viewed by players as an active resource for plans/results.

It was pointed out that trophies/cups would be required going forward and Ian Forbes volunteered two.

e. Membership Secretary – Tony Short

Tony Short said he would be contacting clubs who were not previously registered with the ESMBA to see if they would be interested in joining the BSMBA but he needed to know which were already registered. He had some clubs to approach in mind but was open to  suggestions.

ACTIONS -  Brian Latham to email list of registered clubs to Tony Short

  All to let Tony know about clubs that might be approached.

5. Fees

Although the Treasurer confirmed that  a fee is not really needed, it was felt that a nominal payment would create a sense of ownership in member clubs.

It was pointed out that any fee did not relate to insurance (see below) as the ESMBA fee had. Although there was debate about the merits of a banded fee, it was pointed out that payment by club size would involve all the mechanisms for registering player (numbers) by clubs and that under the ESMBA, a fee per player system had a higher cost for clubs.

 It was proposed by Peter Coker and Brian Latham that an annual payment of £10 per club should be required for membership and this was approved with two votes against.

6. AGM Business

 a. Club insurance (Chris Russell Amersham, Sue Leaver Haddenham)

During discussions it was clarified that existing equipment etc and public liability policies would stay in place until February 2022. Personal accident insurance as provided by ESMBA would cease when registration with ESMBA ended in September. However, this policy had been imposed on clubs with no discussion by ESMBA and it was unclear whether a claim had ever been lodged.

Bob Hine has been in various discussions about getting the best terms for equipment and public liability insurance and is waiting for a quote for an "Umbrella" policy that clubs could elect to join if they wished.  The requested quote is based on 9 clubs who expressed interest when Bob asked recently. Note - some (outdoor) clubs already have insurance and would not need to join. Sue Leaver (Haddenham) was concerned about insurance cover for money left on the premises.

ACTION -  Bob Hine to advise clubs about insurance quotes/terms as available

Bob also suggested that a set of Covid guidelines be circulated to all clubs to reassure players and visitors that all precautions are in place.

7. Any Other Business

Ian Forbes offered 2 trophies. (This had already been discussed but was listed under AOB).

Brian Latham said that the ESMBA should be notified formally that Buckinghamshire are withdrawing. Our membership lasts until September, but it is a courtesy to inform them. The person to contact would be Barry Hedges, who would then notify the other people who need to know.

8. Date of Next AGM

The (First) AGM of the BSMBA under the new constitution will be held on Wednesday 11th May 2022. The venue is to be confirmed nearer the time and is likely to be either Amersham or Wendover.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.15pm


This meeting followed on from the final AGM of the BSMBA under the old constitution.

To read the minutes of that meeting, follow this link:  MINUTES