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Minutes of the Committee Meeting

Held on Monday 23rd October 2023


Chairman- Malcolm Richards

Secretary/Treasurer – Peter Coker

Competitions Secretary – Bob Hine

Members – Chris Millard, Clive Cook, Terry Wagstaff, Alan Egleton

1) Apologies for Absence


2) Approval of minutes of the meeting held on 21st August

    The minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman

3) Matters Arising

     There were no matters arising

4) Communication to Club Membership

     Bob reported that Chinnor had some response from the club monthly report in the parish magazine. Terry reported no response from his local area with this method and Alan had no response from an open day.

5) Developing Membership and Player Participation

    No action

6) Club Insurance

   Bob will be reviewing in the next two months.

7) General Competitions

      Bob reported that the long v short mat competition had been cancelled due to the poor response and would be reviewed in March.

The singles competition in September was well supported although Hertfordshire may not be represented in the coming months as they enter ESMBA competitions. They also said they had been ‘got at’ (unspecified how) by the ESMBA for playing against none registered players.

The next competition will at Handy Cross on 19th November.


8) Bucks Open Competitions

     Bob would be looking at an open singles competition next summer following the success of the competition in September but may be limited by only having eight mats.

9) Bucks AGM

      No action.


       Malcolm sent our reply to the ESMBA but had not received a reply to the questions raised which, it was felt, showed a lack of respect.

11) Any Other Business

      It was agreed Malcolm would continue to purchase chalk (white) for resale at cost to clubs.

12) Date of next meeting

       Monday 18th December at 14.30 by Zoom.

The meeting closed at 15.00