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On the basis of the above statement, most clubs are now open for bowling and all three of the Bucks Leagues are planning to start up again in October.

It is hoped that most clubs will have their own set of Covid rules which will also include those put in place by the venue in which they play but in the main, these rules have been relaxed and it is now down to individual players as to how they keep themselves and other safe.

Earlier this year, the BSMBA issued a draft set of recommendations for clubs to follow which have now been updated to reflect the most recent Government guidelines. These recommendation are not mandatory and it is still up to the individual club to ensure the safety of all their players and all visitors now that the leagues are opening up again.

Let us all enjoy our bowling, safe in the knowledge that every precaution has been taken to ensure that the risk of catching or transmitting Covid has been minimised.

Please feel free to comment on these recommendations if you feel they need amending, correcting or adding to.

All communications should be sent to:  bucks.shortmat.bowls@gmail.com

Happy Bowling everyone.

Government Guidelines as at 14th September 2021

Steadily, over the course of this year, the whole United Kingdom (UK) has seen life return closer to normal. Between March and July this year, the Government’s roadmap for England reopened the economy and lifted restrictions in four steps. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have also emerged from lockdown on similar timetables. The country is learning to live with COVID-19, and the main line of defence is now vaccination rather than lockdown. The Test, Trace and Isolate system is reducing the number of positive cases mixing in the community. Rules and regulations have mostly been replaced with advice and guidance on the practical steps people can take to help manage the risks to themselves and others.


Covid-19 Recommendations

Most players have, by now, received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and we are now able to feel more confident mixing in public. However, Covid has not gone away and will likely be around for some considerable time yet. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that we are 100% safe, and that we are no longer in danger of catching this awful virus. Therefore, as we return to socialising and playing bowls, we believe that many of the safeguards put in place to protect us during the pandemic, should still be considered as worthwhile precautions for the time being. For that reason, we are re-affirming our set of guidelines which are not intended to be mandatory but will act as a series of safeguards that clubs should consider having in place, to give visiting players confidence that their premises are in fact Covid safe. Covid has now become better controlled and these precautions have been relaxed in accordance with Government rules. But common sense must prevail.

Current  Guidelines:

Anyone showing symptoms of Covid or generally feeling unwell must not attend any bowls sessions.

The HOME CLUB should:

1. Comply with all of the venue’s terms and conditions in relation to their Covid Risk Assessment. Only using the rooms made available, and the nominated chairs and tables as provided by the venue.

2. Keep a record of all players attending bowling sessions for the whole bowling season. (Track & Trace Register is no longer a requirement, but can be used if considered useful)

3. Notify both the venue’s Covid officer and the NHS, if any player, who has previously attended a bowling session, appears to have Covid symptoms or has tested positive for Covid.

4. Check that suitable materials are available to sanitise door handles, light switches, tables, chairs, taps, toilet flush if it is considered necessary.

5. Keep up to date with current Covid Policy and communicate this to members.

6. Try to ensure good ventilation at the venue, as far as is comfortable.

7. Sanitise equipment before and after use if deemed necessary.

8. Adhere to these guidelines which may change in line with the current situation.

9. Notify visitors of all guidelines which the venue have in place as “must do” such as No Go areas.


1. Abide by host club Covid Policy at all times.

2. Keep socially distanced as required by the host club.

3. Not attend bowling if they are feeling unwell.

4. Bring own bowls and only use own bowls.

5. Use the hand sanitiser provided and wipe down all surfaces as required by the club.

6. Use the toilets one at a time and sanitise after use with bacterial spray if required.

7. Comply with Track & Trace Register if required to do so.

8. Notify someone immediately if they feel unwell.

9. Avoid handling other players woods.

10. Adhere to a one-way system if this is in place.

These guidelines do not constitute “Safe Bowls Status” as set out by the ESMBA but can be used as a template for clubs wishing to reassure both members and guests, that precautions are in place with their well being in mind.

The BSMBA undertakes to monitor Covid policy and update all clubs both as a service and to keep this document up to date and consistent.

Dated 23rd September 2021