Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

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  Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association   



(a) The association to be called The Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association.


(a) To promote, foster and safeguard the game of short mat bowls

(b) To promote a healthy and wellbeing environment for the enjoyment of recreational and sporting short mat bowls.

(c) To promote the inclusion of all who wish to participate regardless of gender, religion, age and ability.

(d) To adopt the laws of the game laid down by the E.S.M.B.A and modify them as deemed appropriate.

(e) To help in developing the formats and rules for the formation of leagues, competitions and other events

(f) To promote, organise and superintend various competitions among member clubs of the association.

(g) For clarity, any group of players not formally constituted, will be classified as a "club" for the benefit of this constitution and all references therein.

(h To promote coaching/guidance to enable the recreational short mat bowler to learn and improve their ability and knowledge.

(i) To interpret when called upon by member clubs thereof questions of the law or practice and arbitrate in all disputes referred to the association between clubs and members thereof.


Will be open to all clubs with suitable facilities and equipment as laid down by the B.S.M.B.A.


Member clubs may resign their membership from the association at any time but will lose all fees paid and rights of the association.


Any member club whose conduct in the opinion of the committee is calculated to injure or discredit the association shall be liable to expulsion.  Right of appeal to a full meeting of the members at a special meeting can be requested, and the decision then taken will be final.


(a) Shall be agreed annually at the annual general meeting.

(b) They shall be paid by 1st October each year.


All the affairs of the association shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following: -Chairman, Hon.Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Membership Secretary, and up to ten elected members. They shall be elected at the annual general meeting. Five to form a quorum to include two officers. A committee member may hold more than one office.


The committee shall be empowered to fill casual vacancies which occur in their number during the year.


(a) The committee shall be empowered to form any sub-committee for a specific purpose.  Membership of such a committee need not be restricted to membership of the committee, and shall report their proceedings to the committee.


The officers of the association shall be the Chairman, Hon.Secretary, Hon.Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Membership Secretary.

(a) CHAIRMAN - The Chairman shall preside at all Committee and other meetings of the association and shall have an original and casting vote at all meetings. If unable to attend a deputy shall be agreed by those present.

(b) HONORARY SECRETARY - The Honorary Secretary shall convene all meetings of the association (except sub-committee meetings) and shall attend all such meetings and take minutes of the proceedings, correspond with clubs and others on all matters connected with the association excepting such as are under the control of the Hon.Treasurer, or the Competition Secretary.

(c) HONORARY TREASURER - The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all subscriptions by the due date, pay all expenses sanctioned by the committee, make up and prepare the accounts to the end of the financial year, prepare the annual statement of accounts and submit them to the auditors before the annual general meeting.  Signatories to cheques will be any two of the following: -Chairman, Hon. Secretary or Hon.Treasurer.

(d) COMPETITION SECRETARY - The Honorary Competition Secretary shall be responsible for arranging all competitions within the County run by Buckinghamshire.

(e) MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - The Honorary Membership Secretary shall keep records of all members clubs within the county, and liase with the Hon.Treasurer for payment of fees by the dates due.


An Independent Examiner shall be appointed to examine the annual general statement of accounts for the past year.


The committee shall have sole control of the finances of the association and shall be empowered to incur expenditure necessary for the general administration of the association; no other expenditure shall be incurred without the sanction of a general meeting duly convened for the purpose.

The financial year ends on 31st March.


(a) The annual general meeting of the association shall be held before the end of September in each year and the following business shall be transacted:-

1. To receive a report from each officer.

2. Election of officers and committee members.

3. Agree annual subscriptions and competition fees.

4. Any other competent business.  Due notice must be given to the Hon.Secretary in writing at least 21 days before the annual general meeting.

5. To receive and approve the audited accounts.

(b) Due notice shall be given by the Hon.Secretary to each member club at least ten days before such a meeting together with the agenda.

No business other than that mentioned in the agenda shall be discussed at this meeting.

(c) All members of member clubs of the association can attend the annual general meeting.

(d) All member clubs present at the A.G.M have the right to vote, one vote per club.


(a) The committee may on their own authority or on the requisition of two-thirds of     member clubs convene on extraordinary general meeting of the association of which not less than fourteen days written notice shall be given to the member clubs.  Such notice shall state the time, place and object of the proposed meeting and no business other than that mentioned in the notice shall be discussed at the meeting.

(b) All members of member clubs of the association can attend the annual general meeting.

       (c) All member clubs present at the A.G.M have the right to vote, one vote per club.


(a) Each member attending shall have voting rights. All decisions will be by straight majority count and will be binding to all clubs.

(b) Each member has one vote. Officers have one vote per person, not per office.

(c) Except by leave of the members present, no item on the agenda shall be withdrawn or taken out of the order in which it is placed on the agenda.


A copy of the current constitution of the association shall be displayed in each club and all members shall be bound thereby.


No alteration of the constitution shall be effective unless carried by a majority of the member clubs present and voting at the annual general meeting or an extraordinary general meeting called for that purpose.

18.    BYLAWS

The committee shall be empowered to introduce bylaws, which will take immediate effect for the duration of that year.


Each club shall register with the association Honorary Membership Secretary before the 31st October.

20.    LEAGUE

All leagues and competitions shall be under the auspices of the B.S.M.B.A.

21.   DRESS

Members playing in county events shall wear white or club colours above waist, and grey below unless otherwise notified and wear flat heel-less bowling shoes.


The Association may be wound up at any time if agreed by two-thirds of those clubs present and voting at any General Meeting. In the event of winding up, any assets remaining after all debts have been paid shall be given to another Group with similar aims or to a charity or to other such organisations as the majority agree at the.General meeting.

Approved 12 May 2021