Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

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 2023 -  2024 DIARY DATES   


Sunday 25th June 2023                                         Australian Pairs competition

Sunday 23rd July 2023                                           T.B.A.

Sunday 20th August 2023                                      T.B.A.

Sunday 24th September 2023                                T.B.A.

Saturday 21st October 2023                                  Long Mat v Short Mat competition

Sunday 19th November 2023                                 T.B.A.

Sunday 10th December 2023                                  T.B.A.

Saturday 20th January 2024                                  T.B.A.

Saturday 24th February 2024                                 T.B.A.

Sunday 24th March 2024                                        T.B.A.

All competitions are open to all members of BSMBA registered clubs