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Minutes of BSMBA 5th Committee Meeting

20th September 2021 on ZOOM

1. Attendance:- Chair – Malcolm Richards

Secretary – Malcolm Warwick

Competitions Secretary – Bob Hine

Membership Secretary- Tony Short

Clive Cook, Ian Forbes, Alan Eggleton, Chris Millard, David Gander, Terry Wagstaff

Apologies:- Ann Hine, Peter Coker

Not present - Peter Clarke

2. Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes were approved by email and were distributed to member clubs. They have been posted on the website.

3. Matters Arising.

There were no matters arriving not covered in the items below.

4. Communications to Club Membership

Previous actions

o -Tony send to Malcolm W updated contact details for Chalfont St. Peter - Done

o -Malcolm W ask Bob Day when the Single Mat league will review player qualification requirements - Done, Bob Day/Irene Roberts are in the process of contacting single mat league clubs about the rule change

o -Malcolm R table proposal at Vale League meeting (31st/8) to review their player qualification requirements - Done, the change has been approved.

o -Malcolm R edit letter to clubs about the benefits of BSMBA membership - Done

o -Malcolm W send request for membership fee payment to clubs - Done, some clubs have already responded positively

There have been some responses to emails sent to individual players saying that they were no longer active in BSMBA events. There was a response from Widmer End confirming their contact for the club. Bob did have a contact email from Cheddington on 31st July and he forwarded Tony's original new contact email.

Action - Tony to contact Chris Yates (secretary@cheddingtonbowlsclub.org.uk) as a follow up.

5. COVID Guidelines

There was no new information or actions under this topic.

6. Club Insurance

Previous actions

o -Bob/Peter/Terry calculate required total equipment cover for likely participating clubs based on £1000 per mat. - Done, total value £51,000

o -Bob obtain modified quotation based on the above - Done, Estimated it will be about £1600 public liability cover with equipment (subject to re-quote nearer February '22)

o All (who hire a venue) ask what rules the venue has about public liability insurance - see discussion below

Bob tabled a draft letter (circulated before the meeting) to be sent to clubs explaining the formula for calculating their cost under the umbrella insurance policy for public liability and their own equipment. The committee agreed the formula was a fair system and offered a reasonable approach.

During discussion it emerged that two clubs that have played in leagues (one has not entered this year) do not actually have any public liability insurance at all. A question in these circumstances was whether the BSMBA should make other clubs aware of this, leaving it to their members to decide whether they were willing to play at the uninsured clubs. As a first step, it was hoped it might be possible to set up an interim insurance arrangement to cover the affected club until the main umbrella policy could be accessed in February '22.

David asked about the insurance status of new members because Haddenham was currently not accepting new members in case they were not covered by the public liability insurance currently in place. This was because new members would not be registered with the ESMBA. However, it was pointed out that existing members were also not registered now. It was confirmed that Peter Coker had written confirmation that the ESMBA Civil Liability Insurance policy would run for its full 12 month period.

Action - Bob send out provisional insurance quotation letter to clubs.

Action - Bob check if it is possible to get cover at the umbrella rate for one club from now until Feb '22

7.General Competitions

Bob advised that 18 teams had entered the Australian Pairs competition on 3rd October at Handy Cross. With luck, the entry fees + raffle proceeds would cover the hiring costs for the facility. Bob and Ian have winners' prize and raffle prizes organised.

There was discussion about how to organise the Team 5's event. It could be individuals entering for the teams to be drawn or an invitation for clubs to send teams since it was felt this might encourage wider participation. This rather depends on the level of interest when the event is publicised. So far, 10 players from outside the county have expressed an interest in playing and more might be available.

Malcolm R said that playing short mat/long mat games against a Handy Cross team could help foster a good relationship with them and might even attract new players. Bob said the disinterest initially shown by Handy X for this idea was probably a reflection of their preoccupation at the time with getting their own club operating.

There was extended discussion about tactics etc to attract new competitors to BSMBA events. It was said many players are happy to just roll-up and others are satisfied by playing in the leagues. It was commented some games in the leagues are now moving to daytime rather than evening matches which was welcomed by many players. It was pointed out that Iver and Holmer Green attracted good levels of entry for their "gala" events - possibly because they offer food(?). The suggestion was made to turn the team fives competition into "club teams" rather than a drawn fives event. Tony suggested a Newsletter approach and the problems of getting this in front of players and then getting them to read and act on it were discussed. The idea of a sub-committee to address the issue and report back recommendations was raised but in the end it was concluded that until the leagues start running (October) nobody really knows the level of interest and active membership there is in clubs. Many reported low attendance numbers at the moment.

Action - Bob/Peter Coker to arrange payment to Handy Cross since pre-payment is required

Action - All to encourage entries to competitions at every opportunity

Action - Bob to approach Handy X about a short mat game with their members

Action - Malcolm W to raise encouraging participating as a specific agenda item for the next meeting

8.County Championships

Previous Action - Peter Coker convene sub-committee and make proposals for the format(s) for various County Championships. Done, the sub-committee has mapped out the competitions and dates and decided to advertise them separately (not like the County/Nationals previously) to all players on the mailing list. The website carries the full list of competitions at Handy Cross.

Entries for the Singles so far are very low.

Action - All to enter Singles and encourage others to do so.

9.Any Other Business

Malcolm R pointed out that with the end of BSMBA affiliation to the ESMBA we no longer have access to minutes of their discussions etc. There has been no feedback from clubs or the ESMBA about their letter to some clubs seeking a meeting etc.

Bob said that the current Zoom license used by the BSMBA expires shortly and would cost £120 to renew. However, there is an introductory offer of 25% discount to new users and it was agreed that the BSMBA should take up this offer since it was clear the Zoom meeting was very convenient and of course the license could be used by the organisation of any other meetings needed.

Action - Bob take out a discounted Zoom license on behalf of the BSMBA.

10.Date of Next Meeting

  Thursday 21st October 7:00pm - online.

The meeting closed at 8:40pm