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Minutes of BSMBA 2nd Committee Meeting

(not yet approved - to be confirmed at the next committee meeting Monday 26th July)

28th June 2021 on ZOOM

1. Attendance:- Chair – Malcolm Richards

Secretary – Malcolm Warwick

Treasurer – Peter Coker

Competitions Secretary – Bob Hine

Membership Secretary- Tony Short

Clive Cook, Alan Eggleton, Ian Forbes, Chris Millard, David Gander, Peter Clarke, Terry Wagstaff

Apologies:- Ann Hine,

2. Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes were approved with the minor amendments previously notified. David Gander was added to attendees and the Chairman's wrongly reported comment about the ESMBA and future membership were deleted.

it was agreed Malcolm W would supply a final copy to Bob for the website but would not circulate another copy to committee members.

3. Matters Arising.

There was discussion about the merit of sending the approved committee minutes to clubs. It was agreed that this be done in addition to posting them on the website. Action Malcolm W

A. Persuading people to join.

i. Tony has continued to search for "new" clubs to contact using the bowls watch website. Action - Provide information about clubs he has worked with to Tony - Alan

ii. Malcolm R has not had feedback from the leagues (except the one he is secretary to). Malcolm W said the next meeting of the south bucks league is on 29th July and the BSMBA is on the agenda

iii. Previous Actions

1. Bob to send the email to all the email addresses he has.

2. Tony to send to club secretaries and new ones as clubs are identified.

3. Bob to attempt to design a poster.

4. Clubs to be supplied with notices to put on their Noticeboards

Bob had drafted and circulated a poster - action 3) - and after discussion it was approved unchanged. It was agreed Bob would print and laminate some copies for display at clubs. Actions Bob to prepare posters, Malcolm W to receive some copies for distribution to clubs at the south bucks league meeting on 29th July.

There was some discussion about 1), 2), 4) and whether Bob or Tony was to communicate to clubs. It was agreed that Tony would now do this for clubs he discovers (there had been some communication already) using a package of information - letter to members, BSMBA constitution, COVID guidelines, and the poster. Action Tony

iv. Bob had a disappointing level of feedback from clubs about insurance and currently the quotation would be expensive. It was agreed Bob should try one last email to clubs to stimulate interest pointing out to them that in March '22 their public liability insurance would need renewal and continuing with their current arrangement would incur a significant cost increase. Action Bob to email clubs again.

v. Covid guidlines were sent out and Tony is including them in his package to all club contacts.

It was agreed in future to add an Agenda item "Communications to Clubs". The actions listed above would be treated as matters arising  at the beginning of the item.

B. Organising Competitions

viii)   Previous actions were carried out as follows. Bob reported there was still no news from Handy X and it was likely to remain uncertain for some time. Malcolm R has contacted some other venues but the costs appear to be prohibitive. Alan reported that the new Amersham Leisure facility (to incorporate the community centre) is meant to open on 27th September. Action - provide contact details to Malcolm R for the new Amersham centre.... Alan

ix)  In response to the previous action, Peter had requested a new Agenda item with some comments

x)  It was agreed that without a venue, there was no point discussing other competitions.

4. County Championships

 It was agreed not to set up a sub-committee to organise these until the next meeting when it might be clearer if we have a venue. There was discussion about whether some kind of knockout could go ahead in the absence of a venue in the same way outdoor competitions are played at club venues up to the Finals. There was also discussion about whether the name "County Championships" was a turn-off for club players and it was clear from discussion that the eligibility of players (not clubs) to compete needs emphasising. It was emphasised that now we are not holding these competitions as part of the process of entry to the Nationals, we are free to decide the disciplines and formats to attract the widest participation. One suggestion for the competitions was "BSMBA Open"


Malcolm R had circulated the minutes of an ESMBA meeting for interest. The tone of the discussions in those minutes emphasised why the change to the BSMBA constitution was appropriate for players in the county.


6. Any Other Business

Peter C mentioned that the short mat bowls tour competitions did not stipulate players had to be ESMBA registered and he believed there was "mixing" of registered and non-registered players and that registered umpires were used.

Malcolm R pointed to some interesting guidance on rules of play were now on the new website and he encouraged committee members to propose similar topics that would be of interest.

Malcolm W said he would add an agenda item to the next meeting to refer to next year's vacancy for a BSMBA Treasurer.

7.Date of Next Meeting

  Monday 26th July 2021 at 7pm

Venue (zoom or location) was not discussed pending new COVID guidelines

The meeting closed at 8:30pm