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As part of our NEW LOOK, we would like to extend an invitation to ALL clubs in the area, to come and join in with our programme of games and competitions.

There is no requirement to register players, but a small annual fee will allow that club to join the BSMBA, so that all its members may take part in our activities.

For further information please email us on:


The pictures below are from one of the Australian Pairs competitions held at Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Centre

These games are always popular and very well supported. It is hope that we can arrange many more of these games once we get back to bowling again.

Welcome to the NEW LOOK

Buckinghamshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Membership of the BSMBA is now open to ALL short mat bowls clubs within the County of Buckinghamshire.

There will no longer be individual registration but clubs may belong to the Association for a small annual fee and all their members will automatically be included.

The Association in its new form, will continue to look after the interests of players and those leagues which are currently operating within the County.

Competitions organised by the BSMBA will be open to all individual members of those clubs.

It is hoped that this new format will be of interest to clubs within the county, which have not, in the past, been registered with the Association, due to the restrictions which the ESMBA place upon its members.



Chinnor SMBC

Chesham SMBC


Stewkley SMBC

Thame Bowls Club

Wendover & Chiltern Hills Bowls Club

Vale Short Mat Bowls Friendly League

Handy Cross Indoor Bowls Club

If your short mat bowls club has a website and you would like it to appear on the right hand panel, just email us with the web address and we will attempt to include it.


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08 June 2021


News Items:

Some clubs have returned to bowling this week. Let us know if you are one of them and tell us about your experiences during lockdown.


Covid update

A draft copy of the BSMBA Covid recommendations is now available.

Click here to read and comment accordingly.


Minutes of  the inaugural AGM of the New BSMBA are here


NEW “Super League” to be created


Every so often, we will highlight one of the rules of  the game. Click here to find out the current rule on display.



If you are new to the game of  Short Mat Bowls and would like to read up on the Rules and Regulations,     click on this link


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This is the first contribution from one of our members and I think we can all empathise with this.

The biggest disaster for me was the lack of hugging, be warned some serious catching up needs to be done.

Freedom to be with all my family and friends is something I will never take for granted again.

The gardening made me ache in muscles I didn’t know I had.

The Zoom calls were a steep learning curve, I will not miss the new everyday saying  “ you need to unmute”.

The crafts were fun to start with but are only so many homemade gifts you can give out before you just look tight.

Facebook is not really that entertaining after all, and some of the people, have they got nothing better to do than post pictures of their breakfast, oh no they haven’t, sorry.

I did enjoy virtual walking tours, armchair “walking” with a glass of wine, I’ve covered miles of London and other cities and not a cobbled street problem encountered.

Another BIG disaster was the shrinking of all my clothes, or maybe it was the excess of wine (see above) and chocolate?

The telly – well nothing new that was any good there – with the possible exception of Joe Wicks P.E. sadly I didn’t take on board the doing -  just the watching. I found it easier to get involved with the cooking programs

That’s it then, the end of lockdown is in our sights. Please let it be real, please let us have completed the last one. I know I’m not alone in saying its been pretty awful so lets move on from a calendar headed, One day, Same day, Another day, Stroll day, Forgot what day, Repeat day and Day off and get back to Bowling.